Do You See The Face?

Okay, maybe it’s just my wild imagination or maybe it’s my growing tumor playing tricks with my eyes or perhaps it’s a spirit. As I was processing the rest of the photos I took from Northern State Hospital, I came across this image. I felt the hairs standing up on the back of my neck, when I saw the face in the b&w version.

I am posting the original color photo so you can see the difference. In the b&w version, I cropped the photo and applied the same sepia tone as I did for the previous post.  On the wall, there is a face and a protruding circle you don’t see in the color version. Hmm… maybe my camera did capture something — what do you think?


17 Comments on “Do You See The Face?

  1. Wow, how on earth did I miss this post? That’s really interesting by changing to B&W it appeared, I wonder how many images I have from NSH that might do the same (okay, I have TOO many to try this on)!

    • Good question Sasi. Hm… I don’t think I would go back — not out of fear but because I don’t feel it’s right to trample on their grounds. I feel like I would be disturbing the peace.

  2. Yes, I see the face, so it may not be your tumor unless I have one just like it. However, I see another, also and it is creepier. It is very tiny and one eye and mouth of a face staring out a shingle above the “c” on the word face in your bubble. If you follow the shingles down, to the opening you can see part of the body of the ghost. It is just as visible in the color version. Hope you can see it, too, or everyone will think I’m nuts! 🙂

    • Good eyes Leslie. After closer examination, there are some other faces. Nope, you are no more a nut than I am. 😉

  3. That is freaky. Now I’ll have to go back through my shots from that day and see if I see anything like it.

    • It was freaky when I first saw it. It was interesting how that was actually on my mind during our walk — wondering if I might see or catch something on camera. In the original shot, the exposure was very dark inside the room. In lightroom, I used the fill light filter to lighten the interior and that’s when I saw it.

  4. These are both great photos! I do see the face in the color picture too, but I don’t see the circle in the color photo. Good eye and great captures.

    • That’s what was strange about the circle being visible in the b&w version and not the color. So I felt it wasn’t just paint cracks making up facial features.

  5. Yes, I see the face too! I like the colors and look of the ramshackle building. I often pass an old small white house. You have inspired me to stop and take some photos.. (:

    • Good you see the face. Glad it’s not just my imagination. 😉

      I enjoy photographing old dilapidated buildings and structures. Hope you will post the photos of the old white house.

    • Interesting you mention a little girl’s face. That’s one of the rumors about the sighting of a little girl with a red ball. So the circle could be the ball?? 😕

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