Wordless Wednesday


22 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. I am in awe! I need you to teach me how to take such amazing shots! xx

    • Thanks David. I love experimenting with B&W filters in Lightroom. I think my Photoshop is getting a little jealous.

    • Thank you Sasi. Macros are fun to do. Though it would be nice to have a real macro lens — sigh… I’m still using the screw on close up filter. 🙂

    • Thank you Johnathon. It’s a nice change to see things in b&w. The original color of this tulip is bright yellow with greenish color.

    • Actually, it was reading your posts that taught me some of the tricks in Lightroom. I appreciate the information you share about the filters and steps used to process your photos. Thanks Mike. 🙂

      For this shot, after converting it to B&W, I use split toning — added yellow tones to the high light area, and green tones to the shadow area.

  2. This is why I rarely feel the need to photograph flowers. You have it covered. Beautiful shots.

    • Thanks for the compliment Mike. Though, I didn’t exactly use all the right technical requirements for this shot. Wonder what your teacher would say. 😉

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