The Mask We Wear

The mask we wear to show the world and yet it is so different from the one we really feel when it comes off. As we all struggle to find our place in life and live with the mistakes we have made… in the end, it’s your inner strength and seeing the truth of who you are that will give you the freedom to the peace and happiness you desire.


12 Comments on “The Mask We Wear

  1. Yup – I agree with your other friends – you ARE very talented (and multi-talented)!!!

    As for wearing masks, it’s a shame, but we all seem to do this…for some, it’s as esssential as putting on makeup or brushing their teeth. Sad but true. But I believe we are far more beautiful without it…flaws and all xx

    • I still wear a mask occasionally, the oatmeal avocado kind. It’s not very pretty when I wear it… but ahh… the price of beauty. 😀

  2. What an energized application of colored pencil. I also like the thought behind the placing of the masks. Dating felt like that……. You are multi-talented, Emily!

    • I’m glad you can tell it’s made with color pencils. Most people guessed pastels. Initially, I came up with the illustration based on dating. I know everyone wears a mask on dates. However, life experience later told me that everyone wears a mask at one time or another, and then there are people who never take theirs off. These are the ones I try to avoid though not always successful.
      Thank you for the compliment Leslie. 🙂

  3. So true Emily..What a wonderful ability you have to express yourself through your artwork and photography!!

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