Monday Snap Shot

The cool, grey, rainy spring weather is making me rather lazy lately. I spent the weekend doing… absolutely nothing creative with the camera, nor my artwork. Instead, I was mostly a junk food junky couch potato. So… on this glorious grey, rainy Monday — I find myself unmotivated and with nothing to post but a  snap shot of my furry kids.


22 Comments on “Monday Snap Shot

  1. Aw – how gorgeous your dogs are! Sounds like you love your dogs as much as I love mine! My “Stormy” is very much like a daughter to me, which you’ll understand I’m sure 😀

    Hope you have a great day – thanks for sharing such a beautiful pic xx

    • I know none dog lovers are going to roll their eyes and think we are nuts when we love them like they are our kids. I call them my furry kids. And I hate to say sometimes they are even better than kids because they love me unconditionally, no teenage nasty stuff to worry about, and they never back talk to me, at least not loudly. 😉 Of course in reality, I know they are dogs… especially when Max drinks from the toilet bowl. And Evie covers herself in goose poop.

      • Yup – I guess you’re right…I used to roll my eyes at dog lovers too – until I actually got one myself! Your dogs sound fabulous!

        I once thought I had lost my little dog in a huge field – but she was just swimming in a cow pat and soon came back up for air! lol xx

    • 🙂 With patience and time, even dogs can be taught to be polite and have good manners. Since we live in the rainy part of the country, one of the things I taught them is to wipe their paws when they come in from the outside. Then looking exactly like the picture above, they will sit and wait patiently by the door for me to dry their paws with a towel. I reward them with hugs and kisses — not treats.

    • Lol… well, it’s a good thing Evie didn’t hear you say the word “treat”. She knows that word well and will show you where the treats are kept.

  2. Awww, they are so adorable! They look like they’re great friends, and how sweet of them to pose so nicely.

    • Yes, they are very close. I am lucky, they listen to me with undying love. Thank you so much Joy for stopping by and the nice compliment. 🙂

  3. As already commented above…” smoochable” and adorable! Your furry kids are beautiful. My pair are spending too much time fighting to be the top kid in the house!

    • Lol… in our house, Evie is the top kid. She might be small and younger but she lets Max know who is the boss. And of course, they know I am the alpha leader in the pack.

  4. Aww..sweet faces! Would like to be able to have room for a dog someday but we do have three cats and they are entertaining sometimes..

    • I have to admit, they are pretty sweet and loveable. I’m very lucky to have them. Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

  5. Awww – they look like they want to go out and play. Maybe you can take them over to Lighthouse Park sometime so I can meet them and take a few shots of them?

    • Sure Mike… that would be great. The Lighthouse Park is one of their favorite places to go swim. Play… play… play… that’s all they ever want to do. 🙂

  6. Very adorable, almost makes me want a dog! But seriously, I really like this Emily, I need to try my hand at pet photos one of these days.

    • Almost… hmm… you just might change your mind after you get to know them. Max brings me my slipers. Now… who wouldn’t want a dog that does that. You are welcome to borrow mine anytime. They’ll work for chicken jerky. 🙂

    • Lol… thanks Christine. Yes, they are very smoochable. They were so funny looking when I called them to pose for me.

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