Lost At Sea

13 Comments on “Lost At Sea

  1. As I’ve been getting caught up on your blog today, I’ve found myself thinking again what a talented and amazing photographer you are! I really love what you do with your camera, Emily!

  2. This is a lovely series! My favorite is the last one, with the sharp flowers (what kind of flowers are those? They’re blooming here in France too) and the blurred marina in the background. What a wonderful day for shooting and very nice captures!

    • Thanks Jonathon for the comment. The flowers are daffodils. They are usually one of the first signs that spring has arrived. 🙂

    • Commercial fishing is a very hard and dangerous job.I knew some fishermen and they have to work their *ss off for 5 to 6 months, with no guarantee if the fish will be there or not. But I guess somebody has to do it. Though, I appreciate what they do so that I can have seafood.

  3. Nice shots Emily. Really like the last one with the daffodils and marina in the background. Brings back good memories of my visit to Cape Cod.

    • Cape Cod? Sounds like you have done quite a bit of traveling around the country Sasi. I lived in Rhode Island many years ago and always wanted to go to Cape Cod. Heard it’s a beautiful place… maybe someday I will…

  4. Great photos my friend – I especially love the daffodils – they’re beautiful! xx

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