Portrait Of A Serious Photographer

We must have walked 10 miles during the photo walk Saturday. To say I was impressed with Cait would be an understatement. Throughout the long day, she conducted herself with the professionalism and up beat attitude that I don’t see in too many adults, let alone for a 10-year-old. Even with her aching feet, she still managed to have smiles and a positive attitude. Not only was I captivated by her charm and the ability to use the camera like a pro — I was amazed by her creative approach in seeing and composing her shots. I believe she has the natural talent and ability that will only grow and excel with age.  😀

Click the link to see her blog — Cait’s PoV

Portrait Of A Serious Photographer

17 Comments on “Portrait Of A Serious Photographer

    • That’s for sure… and at the rate she is going, I believe she will get there sooner than later. And thanks to her supportive parents. 🙂

    • I love the way she dressed so much like a little girl, all pink. And yet, with this big black camera hanging around her. Thanks MJ for visiting my blog. Love your stories. You are an amazing writer. 🙂

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