It’s Times Like This…

Saturday, I met up with my fellow WordPress bloggers: Mike, David, and David’s adorable daughter, Cait — our new and youngest member — for our second photo walkabout in my hometown, Bellingham. I wasn’t born there but have spent almost half of my life living in this little coastal town. After looking through the viewfinder of my camera all day, it’s times like this, I regret moving away. What was I thinking??

Ever since I saw Mike’s panorama shots on his blog, I’ve wanted to learn the technique. During our walk, Mike explained to me how it was done. Well, here is my first attempt at panorama. I created this using 4 images with Photoshop’s photo merge. Then I imported the image into Lightroom for processing.


20 Comments on “It’s Times Like This…

  1. Very impressive and artistic. I like it.
    My camera has panorama function.I will try it.If I can’t do it, I will use
    photoshop. 🙂

  2. Beautiful work – I fooled around with panoramas not too long ago and enjoyed the work, though it was kind of time consuming for an image that I ended up having trouble displaying. I’m looking around for a free flash/java panorama viewer that will help me with this.

    • Thank you Joshua. I have to admit, with Photoshop, it took me less than a few minutes. I have CS4 and it has a photomerge function under file > automate > photomerge. All I had to do was up load the images I wanted to use and it merge and align all the images. I then save a copy as JPEG. This allow ease of editing later.

      • Ahh – it only took a few minutes for me, too, but what I meant was organizing them correctly to set up for Photoshop. Simply working in Photoshop is WAY outside my workflow since I do 99.9% of my stuff in Aperture.

  3. Very beautiful! And, awesome for a first try! My first attempt was not nearly as spectacular. In fact it wasn’t spectacular at all. It was more of a disaster. 🙂 Great job!

    • Thanks John for the compliment. I think the software definitely help made the process a lot easier than if I have to do it some other way.

  4. Awesome first timer Emily, really! I need to see how some of my pano’s turned out…we shall see. Cait loved walking around with you, I know she had a blast!

    • I had a great time hanging out with Cait. Needless to say, I was very impressed with her photography skills and the ability to handle the camera like a pro. I have to admit, she is the type of daughter I would love to have. 🙂 I’m sure your pano will be just great. Can’t wait to see them.

  5. That looks like your 100th panorama, not your first. I like the way you brought out the subltle colors in the sky and the water, and I like the composition. It was a great day, looking forward to our next get together.

    • Aww… thank you so much Mike. You’re too kind. I appreciate your help in guiding me. If all works out, looks like Vancouver will be another fun destination. 🙂

    • I noticed that certain scenes work better than others. I think most landscapes would work well, though I’m going to try tall buildings next time. Thank you Nigel. 🙂

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