Fire In The Sea


25 Comments on “Fire In The Sea

  1. Truly beautiful Emily. Just visited your blog for the first time – truly creative, unique work.

    • Thanks David. I love shooting sunsets and the different instensity of colors you can get. The lens flare was created naturally — no Photoshop. 😀

  2. As a person who loves, loves, loves the ocean, but who lives in a landlocked state, all I can say is that I’m jealous that you get to head down to the sea for photos.

    All whining aside.. beautiful shot!

    • I’m an ocean lover too and have always lived near the water. My favorite road trip is to just drive aimlessly on the coast of Oregon and Northern California, while dreaming about living in a house overlooking the Pacific Ocean. 🙂

    • Thank you Martina for the lovely comment. Lightroom is a great photo editing software. I find it more user friendly for adjusting the images than Photoshop.

    • Lol… okay, this was taken a couple of months ago. After enduring the rainy weather for the last few weeks, I needed some reminder what the sun looks like. Hopefully, Saturday will be a beautiful sunny day for our photo walk.

    • The fire was created from one of those rare sunny days we get around here. I shot it a little over exposed at f/22 to get the sun reflection on the splashing waves. In Lightroom I adjusted the white balance and added some more red and yellow hue to the waves.

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