The Bird Stalker

Watching David’s quest for the perfect birdshot was humour at its best.

With his camera ready to shoot, he stalks his prey and stomps his foot — hoping the bird would take flight — to create a magnificent sight.

But… try as he might — the bird didn’t bite and refused to fly. Suddenly, another flew by as David looks on with a sigh… 

These photos were taken during our WordPress photo walk last month.  Click here to see David’s creative work, including a shot of the bird that almost got away.

Have a great weekend everyone. 😀


6 Comments on “The Bird Stalker

  1. LOL! You got a great “storyboard” from his stalking, though I can sympathize with David 🙂 Where’s an extra set of hands when you need it?!

    • Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comments. It was funny to watch the birds trick David into following them around. 🙂

  2. Great series. We’ll have to see if my bird attracting powers and David’s bird repelling powers cancel themselves out on our next photo walk.

  3. Wonderful series in black and white and you would not have had to tell me the story. You have it all down in pictures!!!! I will be smiling about this snippet for quite some time.

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