Digital Pixel Manipulation

Converting a photo into painting using Photoshop kind of reminds me of painting by numbers but just not as simple. I discovered that when painting a photograph, you still need to use artistic skills such as: understanding about shading, lighting, use correct brush size, blending technique etc.  Though, painting with a mouse is a lot cleaner than the traditional way — I don’t need more studio space than my computer screen, no nasty chemicals or mess to clean up — for some reason it lacks the personal satisfaction I get when using real paint on canvas.

The thing about playing with PS filters — it’s addicting. There are hundreds of possibilities and combinations. The idea of making the flower look more 3 dimensional came to mind.  After some trial and error, I think this came close to looking like a 3D plastic flower. This was achieved using the plastic wrap filter. 

While we are on the subject of PS/digital painting and techniques, here is a digital painting done by a fellow blogger/artist, Val Erde of Absurd Old Bird. I thought I would post it to show other digital painting styles. Val’s artwork is amazingly beautiful and full of life. Her stories are humorous and thought-provoking. Anyway, she created this beautiful painting, temporary titled “Do The Funky Duck” as a gift for her readers. You can download it from her blog for personal use. Just make sure to give her credit or link it back to her if you use it for your blog.


15 Comments on “Digital Pixel Manipulation

  1. Many thanks for this, Emily! And your flower photo and manipulation is beautiful. Have you tried painting from scratch in Photoshop? Or tried putting another photo or design over the top of a photo? It’s possible to get some amazing results both of those ways and the feeling of painting with real media is more likely to occur (certainly with the former technique).

    I can’t remember if you’ve seen my photoshop tuition pages, but I describe both of these techniques a bit there. Go and look!

    • You are very welcome Val.

      I don’t usually paint from scratch with Photoshop. However, I mainly use it for collage work and retouch on photos. I use Adobe Illustrator for my hand drawings and other graphic paintings. Although, your artwork definitely inspires me to try using photoshop more as a drawing medium. 🙂

  2. You came out with some fantastic results here.
    I really like the original shot and more so, what can be done with it.

  3. And I agree – Val Erde is a very nice and interesting lady who produces some striking images. Well worth checking out.

  4. I will admit that I am not a big fan of flower pictures – but I do like what you have done with these.

  5. Great, Great post!!! I love this processing! With spring coming on, I’m sure everyone will be eager to get those flower shots uploaded into photoshop and begin to experiment! These are beautiful, Emily! Great job.

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