The Big Boss

There was an uproar of applause, cars honking, and sighs of relief from a lot of people yesterday — when the news broke that Boeing was awarded the Aerial Refueling Tanker contract from the U.S. Airforce. Looks like current Boeing employees don’t have to worry about layoffs for quite sometime and according to the news — tens of thousands of new jobs will be added not just here in Washington State but across the country as well.  I’m happy to hear this since my partner works for Boeing as an electrical engineer. So it’s a relief for me to know he will have plenty of work for years to come. Of course not everyone is over joy by Boeing’s victory. I’m sure the other two competing companies are very disappointed by the loss, to say the least.

Here are some shots I took this morning at the Boeing Plant in Everett. I had to shoot these from a far distance. And could not get the close ups of the plane parts that I would’ve like to.

Winning this contract is definitely a “Dream Lifter” for a lot of people. I just hope they will remember to save for the rainy days… 😉


10 Comments on “The Big Boss

  1. I heard there will be job ops for folks in Washington and Kansas. Yes; it’s definitely good news…

    Last but one shot is real nice.Lovely colors and composition.
    I do like the last one – Is that Mt. Rainier in the backdrop?

    • I heard St. Louis will get new jobs as well. I think overall it will create new jobs for both contract and non-contract related. 🙂
      It’s actually Mt. Baker in the backdrop.

  2. Good news, and good photos. I need to take the plant tour one of these days (if they let you bring a camera).

  3. Congrads on the Boeing contract. That’s great news. Maybe we can sent a resume from my hubby who is searching – he too is an electrical engineer among other things. I love the shot of the plane wings, interesting and creative.

    • Thanks Martina. 🙂 I know, it was a relief knowing there will be a lot of work. Your husband should definitely send in his resume. He can go to Boeing’s website to see what jobs they have available and what city. Though, I know they will be working on the tankers mostly here in Everett, Washington. Also, another good way to get his foot in the door is to sign up with a job placement company like Aeroteck, Manpower, etc. They are always looking for engineers with good experience. That’s how my partner got hired. Good luck!

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