Furry Portraits

Here are some furry portraits from our outing at the Marymoor dog park. It was very interesting to sit and observe the expressions from all the different dogs. If only we could tell what they were thinking —  then again, maybe not. I’m sure they probably think we humans are a strange breed.

The first two furry kids belong to me, Maximus and Ms. Evie.

Maximus the wonder dog. A loyal companion who understands over 60 commands and words, love to play sports, and will  wipe his paws before entering the house.

Ms. Evie, the designer dog. She is a foodie consultant who loves to taste test all types of cuisine. And knows how to beg  get what she wants with her sad puppy eyes.

Here is another designer dog, the Golden-doodle (a combination of a golden retriever and a poodle) with the best looking hairdo prize.

20 thoughts on “Furry Portraits

    1. Thanks Susan for the compliment and for visiting my blog. Yes, I have to agree… Maximus is beautiful. 🙂 I didn’t know that’s a Mastiff. They sure are huge and intimidating! Though, this one was very friendly and loving.

  1. Emily, I’m sure Maximus and Ms. Evie can express every human emotion! You captured a different mood in each of the dogs. I have used our dog Holly (a Collie/Miniature Chow mix) three times for my daily photoblog of humorous, captioned photos (putting words in her mouth):

    –J.A. Robinson

    1. The furry kids are such amazing and intelligent creatures. They sure can act very human alright. It’s funny how they got us all figured out though. Thanks for the links John, they were funny. 🙂

    1. I moved to Montreal, Quebec a few years ago to start a new life but moved back to Washington after spending my first winter there. Burr…

      Thanks for visiting my blog Sarah. 🙂

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