WordPress Photo Walk

After a few weeks of planning and anticipation, we finally had our first WordPress photo walk. I met up with my fellow bloggers: David, Jolene, and Mike for a fun day of discovering Seattle. It was great to finally meet everyone after following each other’s blog for months. What a fun experience it was — I enjoyed the day immensely and look forward to the next WP Photo Walkabout.

During our walk, I discovered some places that was new to me even though I’ve been to the area many times — like the Gum Wall at Pike Place Market. It was disgusting and yet interesting at the same time. Though, I tried not to think about the airborne germs lurking as I got up close to take a few shots.

Thank goodness, the rest of the discovery was much more pleasant. Like the Waterfall Garden in Pioneer Square. The beautiful floral makes you forget the cold outside and the roaring of the waterfall drowns out the urban city noise — very peaceful and tranquil.

And the Danny Woo Children’s Garden in the International District. (Chinatown)

The amazing views of the city and mountains from the garden.

But the best discovery of all was — what a talented, interesting and fun group of people my fellow bloggers are. 😀


20 Comments on “WordPress Photo Walk

  1. Great photos, Emily!
    I seem to be ‘in seattle’ (a virtual one via the ‘net) quite a lot recently as I’ve been colouring a photo of something from there (I hope to put it in my Flickr and/or blog sometime, if I can get permission to do so).

    The top two thirds of your bottom photo are like a painting!

  2. Love the Canadian flag, you did a great job capturing it. Monthly, I am totally game on meeting up monthly (Bellingham/Fairhaven sounds like a great idea)! Wasn’t the Waterfall Garden a wonderful find amongst the hustle of the city? I really wish my blog theme would allow more than one photo, I will be posting many more to Flickr sometime this week.

    I love the last photo, awesome view Emily. 🙂

    • You did a pretty good job on the American flag. I was very surprised by Waterfall Garden. Glad we discovered it.

      Bellingham/Fairhaven sounds great! Let’s plan on that for next month. 😀

  3. Sounds like you guys had a great time, and you got some great shots out of it! I love the chewing gum wall – I mean, who comes up with an idea like that in the first place?

    • Good question. I’m thinking probably someone who loves to stick gum under the tables?? Eww… I remember the time my son picked the gum off the table… let’s just say it was a good thing I noticed before he had a chance to experiment with it. 🙂

  4. I love seeing your photos for the walk! Absolutely gorgeous! Imagine what we could have gotten had our hands been warmer… 🙂

    And YES, let’s save our pennies and take this WordPress photo walk idea international.

    • Lol… I’m amazed I didn’t have mostly out of focused pictures by the way my hands were shaking from the freezing cold. I was thinking maybe we can do our next walk in Bellingham?

      Hey, maybe you can find other WP photo bloggers in Ireland since you’ll be going there next month.

  5. You got some great shots! I’m looking at your shots and mine and we saw some of the same locations in very different ways. I walked right past many of the beautiful things you saw and photographed at the garden park. Maybe we can get another photo walk going – when it’s a little warmer. 🙂

    • I noticed the same thing about your photos too. There were things you saw that I missed. Maybe we can make it a monthly thing. I’m sure it will be warmer next month. If not, at least Jolene and I will know to bring the gloves next time! 🙂

  6. Nice photos Emily… it’s great to see everyone’s perspective on the same photo walk. How cool is that? I like your laundry line, something we don’t see often here.

    • Thanks Martina. It’s interesting to see the perspective of others from the same scene. I wasn’t sure what laundry line you’re seeing and realized you are talking about the line with image of children’s face on fabric. The last time I’ve seen laundry lines was in Montreal, Quebec. People there used them quite often. I think most Americans would not bother with it.

  7. How very awesome meeting your fellow bloggers, Emily. I really like that last photo. The contrast between manmade and nature is so STRONG in that image. ….and yes it looks cold! The welcome banner caught my eye, also. Nice touch! 🙂

    • There are definitely a lot of man-made vs. nature around Seattle. I think that’s what make the city so beautiful and unique. Thanks Leslie, glad you noticed the new banner. 🙂

  8. Looks like you all had a good time (I had a chance to see David’s blog too). I wish we could do a photo walk with WP photogs in my city. There is definitely something to learn from other photogs.

    • The thing about getting together after all these months of following each other’s blog is that I didn’t feel like they were complete strangers even though we were meeting for the first time. Maybe you can post something about looking for other WP photogs in the St. Louis area. You never know… and you are right about learning something from other photogrphers.

    • It was an interesting walk although very cold. But it was worth it.

      Actually, Jolene suggested we should all go to England and meet up with you. Now… that would be an amazing photo walk. 🙂

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