Painted Lily

It’s amazing how much Photoshop has changed since the first time I used it many years ago. Although at the time, it wasn’t a very fun experience for me because — the computers were too slow to run the software properly. The Mac computers at the university lab had only 10 mb of Ram or something like it and 80 mb of hard drive!! And it was considered top of the line computers for its time.

At first I was very excited about Photoshop’s painting filters but because of the slow computer process speed and depending on the filter selection — it took up to 30 minutes of waiting just to see the result of the effect. Needless to say, painting with Photoshop back then wasn’t very productive and I never used it as a painting medium again until a few years ago.  

Can you believe the file size of the this lily painting I’ve created is 152 mb! I know, pretty crazy when you think about how the computers are today. Unlike my previous experience with the Photoshop, it was a fast and fun process to turn the lily photo into a painting.

Here are the steps I used to achieve the painterly look.
1. Make a duplicate layer of the main photo.
2. I added a dirt pattern layer over the photo. This gives it some texture and contrast.
3. I added a painting layer and use the smudge tool with various brush sizes.
4. I just follow the original photo and smuge paint away. Make sure to keep all the high lights, shadows, mid-tones as close to the photo as possible.


13 Comments on “Painted Lily

  1. Lovely! Looks like an oil painting.

    Emily, I have 8Gb of RAM on my computer and it still isn’t enough for some of the work I do in Photoshop! As much as I can, I reduce the size of my pictures before I work on them. It depends, of course, how many layers you use, too. The colouring work I do makes huge files because of all the layers!

  2. Very nice Emily, I too wouldn’t have thought the second image was created from a photo! As Jolene mentioned, I am going to have to try this after…well, certainly not after a math exam! 😛

  3. Very cool! I don’t use photoshop for anything except minor photoediting (curve adjustments and perspective crops, mostly), so I find it amazing to see what people can do with it.

    • It’s an amazing software with high learning curve. But once you learn it, it’s really fun. Though, I wouldn’t trade in my real paint brushes for it anytime soon. 😉

  4. That turned out very well! I still haven’t figured anything like that out in PhotoShop… so thanks for including a few directions. I will need to give this a try… just as soon as my next math exam is done. 🙂

    • There are so many different filter combinations you can do. It’s mind boggling sometimes. I have a couple of books on Photoshop but most of the time, I just enjoy experimenting and discovering new techniques.

      Good luck on your math exam!

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