Love In The Social Network Era

Text me, tweet me… the new dating etiquette of the 21st century.


26 Comments on “Love In The Social Network Era

  1. Nice concept and photo. One reason I enjoy your stuff is because you create things that never would occur to me.

  2. ha ha! Cute! These hearts are a little too high tech for me 🙂

  3. I often wonder about how my children will find romance. Already, my 10-year old son is texting but only to his best buddy, who is 11. In those texts, which remain innocently open to us, they discuss the 11-year old’s first romances. The 11-year old texts his current flame and then forwards the messages to my son…

    • I know… seems like everything becomes more impersonal these days. But wow! Romance at 11 year old? They sure are getting younger. Definitely a sign of the times…

  4. Nice shot Emily. I remember seeing these in the grocers last week. You have done a wonderful job here – nice texture on the candies and I like the heart shape in the background.

    • Thanks Sasi. I’m amazed you didn’t see the Valentines stuff sooner. Seems like they put out the Valentines stuff after Christmas. 😉

  5. The wire (container I think) is an excellent addition to the photo! Tweet me, Text me? Wow, I suppose it was inevitable…they have to “keep up” right?

    • I thought I would find a good use for the beautiful container. It’s actually a heart shape container with intricate wires shape like hearts through out and on top. I found the container at Value Village for only 99 cents! It’s a great place to find interesting things and props for photos.

    • Thanks for the comment Nigel. Sometimes, I get bored doing the same thing and my creativity becomes blocked. It’s good to do things that requires more conceptual thinking to get the creativity going again. I’m glad you are enjoying the new stuff. 🙂

    • Actually, I wanted the Be My Valentine heart and was really surprised to find the text and tweet heart. Of all the words, I certainly wasn’t expecting these words on the candies but guess they have to change with the time. Anyway, the words made me think about the dating world becoming so tech-internet connected — so impersonal.

    • Thank you Martina. 🙂 Initially, I was just going to do a sweet Valentine kind of photo but finding the text and tweet hearts gave me the idea to show how today’s social network effects the dating and relationship in our society.

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