Blogging Commitment

After more than two weeks of constant rain, I was desperate to go somewhere. I’ve heard about the annual eagle migration at Rockport, WA this weekend and thought it would be a great opportunity to get some photos of this magnificent bird for my blog. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. Just as we were leaving town, the car developed some engine problem. To make the long story short… I was stuck at home all weekend and found myself uninspired today. Guess the thought of what the repair cost for the car might be, weighted heavily on my mind. From experience, going to the mechanics is like going to the doctors — every little thing cost so much — and I was right. The problem turned out to be the air sensor valve. I was told this tiny valve was going to cost $395.00 just for the part. As if to make the price more justifiable, the mechanic went into a long explanation about the purpose of the valve and all the intricate wires inside. Basically, it’s important for regulating the airflow to the engine. Okay… I can see its importance, though I still think it’s way over priced —  just like the over inflated medical costs.

After I got home from the garage, I didn’t feel like posting anything and decided to skip today. However, I reminded myself the commitment I made to post 5 times a week — I can skip only when I have good valid reasons — and being upset about my car is not good enough reason. As I looked through my archives of photos to use with the story, for some unknown reason; these shots made me feel better. Somehow, seeing the photos made me let go of the frustrations I had about the car expense. These photos were taken last July at the golf course pond near my home.

16 Comments on “Blogging Commitment

  1. Excellent macro photography and great bokeh work.. beautifully done. You have a lovely blog, diverse and interesting, and the photography is great. I enjoyed visiting.

  2. Commitment is good, but sometimes life gets in the way of what we need to do and that’s OK. When I can’t get out and shoot I do the same thing, go back through older pictures, and (as in your case here) there are sometimes treasures to be found.

    • Commitment is a good start… but like you said, it’s okay if life gets in the way sometimes. No need to beat ourselves up for things beyond our control.

  3. This is the first time I’ve found an ant fascinating – that top one, it has a pattern on it’s bottom!

    I, too, love the yellow flower (4th from top). Gorgeous!

    • I know, I’m not much of an ants fan either. Though, this one was interesting. And as you’ve noticed, it had patterns on its bottom.

  4. Sorry to hear about your car situation. You’re right, going to a mechanic is akin to seeing a doctor 😉

    These are some nice shots. That yellow flower is sure to brighten up one’s day.

  5. Sorry to hear about the car problems. Lucky thing about the eagles, the do this every year (and, they are still up here). Perhaps this weekend might bring some new adventures for you. I really like the last photo, to me, the bokeh makes the photo come alive…move if you will. Great job!

    • Well, it doesn’t look like we will have decent weather this weekend. Oh well, there is always next year. I’ll just have to find new adventures somewhere else. Thanks David. 🙂

  6. Em, I know how distressing car repairs can be. Just before Christmas my van was making really weird noises from the top of the engine…turns out it was the intake valve, then I needed a new water pump and more…it was an $1100 expense. I almost fainted…lol.

    I’m glad you stayed to your commitment. Now, don’t you feel better?

    (good job on those pix, by the way!)

    • Ouch! Sorry to hear about your car expense. Luckly, I was insistent on other alternatives. I told them I would rather waste $40 for them to clean the sensors and see if that would fix the problem than to spend $500 to replace the part if I don’t need to. I was right, it just needed a little cleaning. And yes, I feel a lot better about keeping my commitment. Thanks for the support Em. 😀

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