Alvis and Me

I remember the first time I saw Alvis from my cafe window across the street. He was sitting in the music store looking so gorgeous. It was love at first sight.

After a few days of staring and day dreaming, I decided to be brave and make the first move. As soon as the clock hit 3:00 pm, I put the “Sorry, We Are Closed” sign on the cafe door and ran across the street to meet him. After a cup of coffee and few questions later, I paid the finder’s fee and took him home with me. I knew Alvis and I were going to play beautiful music together for many years to come.

Unfortunately, the music  part didn’t happen as I had hoped. My relationship with Alvis was a struggle from the start. I’ve tried self-help books and paid for the counseling of music making experts. But nothing could help my lack of musical harmony with Alvis. In the end, I realized that I’m not very musically inclined. Although disappointed, I still have hope that with patience and time —  someday my musical talent will emerge.  😉


19 Comments on “Alvis and Me

  1. As I’ve been discovering, not everything we have a passion for comes easy. I like that you are making the effort to do it…and you’ve even captured a few lovely shots! You take amazing close ups (I think partly because of the food photography you do), and it always gives me ideas of things I’d like to try.

    • Thanks Jolene, glad to know my photos gives you ideas. It’s true, passion doesn’t necessary equal easy ability. All we can do is try. 🙂

  2. Sometimes your loves are best as models. Like Alvis.

    I love music but have no musical ability. Of course, until I started photography, I had no artistic abilities, either.

    • Exactly, I’m sure my musical ability is in me somewhere… I just have to practice, practice, practice.

      Your photography skills are amazing and very inspiring.

  3. Love the post!
    As for playing/learning guitar – oh, you and me both! I have two guitars (an acoustic and an electric) and can barely play either of them. Bruce is the musical one in this family and he can barely draw… so we balance each other up.

    You take fab photos, Emily – just do on the guitar what feels good to you. We’re not all good at everything, but we can be happy with what we can do, you know?

    • When I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to play the guitar but was forced to play the violin instead. My dad thought I would “look better” as a violin player. I hated the violin… and chose not to practice hoping that I would be able to quit. After a few years of sounding like a drunken alley cat singing on the fence, I was able to quit. Though, I never touched another instrument again until I bought Alvis.

  4. Oh you don’t have to be a superstar to make your music…… Play on and welcome the journey. Alvis belongs with you. I can tell! 🙂 He shines in a photograph!

      • Now that I have seen what you responded to David, above, I had a similar situation. I had to take piano lessons. I did learn to play but was not happy playing. My Grandmother bought me a guitar if I promised her I would learn. I did. Now? I’d love to be playing the piano! 🙂

  5. Great post! I’ve been playing off and on for twenty plus years. The best advice I’ve ever heard is to “keep that guitar in your lap” as much as possible. Play while your cooking dinner, play while watching tv, play, play, play.

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