On Top Of The World

One thing about predicting the weather in the Pacific Northwest — you can’t go wrong with guessing RAIN. It’s days like this that I wish I could move to some place sunny and warm all the time. Even the Sahara Desert sounds pretty good right now. However, when I look at some of the photos I’ve taken of the places around here; I can understand why I put up with the rain for all these years.

Here are some snap shots I took of one of the most beautiful places on Earth: The Artist Point. If you see the place, you would understand why its name is so fitting. This beautiful majestic vista will take your breath away and make you feel like you are standing on top of the world.

Artist Point is located at the end of Mount Baker Highway, State Route 542 and boasts 360-degree views of Mount Shuksan and Mount Baker, as well as access to a variety of trails. The road to Artist Point is 2.7 miles long and more than 5,000 feet above sea level. It is typically buried under snow and closed from October through July. Typically it opens in late July when the snow have melted enough for the road to be passable and remains open until late September or early October.

If you look at the upper right corner of the second photo, you’ll see a trail. This 6 mile steep trail will lead you to the Mt. Baker photo above.

Here is a close up view of the trail. It’s a lot steeper than it looks. Good thing I had Max to help pull me up the trail. Judging from his ear to ear grin, he was a very happy pup.

Here is the view Max was looking at — Mt. Shuksan. It is one of the most photographed mountains in the Cascade Range. 

Max and I have spent many beautiful, sunny days exploring the wilderness that Mt. Baker has to offer. Our last expedition to Mt. Shuksan’s Lake Ann was unsuccessful because of  bears. I didn’t see the bears but Max could smell them. As we came around the corner of the trail, his fur stood up on the back of his neck and he barked viciously. At first I thought Max was just spooked by a squirel and I tried to go around him but he blocked the path and pushed me back. He would not let me go past. Max is probably the most friendliest dog on earth. And for him to behave that way, I know better than to ignore his warning. We turned back — even if we were only a mile away from the lake. We later heard from other hikers that they saw bears on trail.

Maximus, my protector…  terrified of the vacuum cleaner and yet not afraid of bears.


14 Comments on “On Top Of The World

  1. These are absolutely beautiful! Gorgeous location, amazing photos – and cute pup!

  2. Love these shots Emily. I really like the one with the snow capped mountains. It has a bit of reflection in the stream below and has a wonderful depth with the trees in the foreground. Looks very peaceful too.

    • Thank you for the compliment Leslie. Goldens are great and Max is no exception. He even knows how to wipe his paws before coming into the house. 🙂

  3. Lovely lovely photos Emily and what a companion to accompany you! I plan on heading up there this year (I even have bear mace), can’t wait to capture images as beautiful as yours to share!

    • Aw… thanks for the compliment David. Besides the bear mace, make sure to have a whistle. I was told the loud screeching sound can help scare the bears away.

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