A Break In The Clouds

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked out of my office window. Finally, the rain clouds parted just long enough for the sun to set and show all of its glorious colors. This is one of the most beautiful and color-saturated sunsets I’ve seen in a long time. Granted the sunset lasted less than 30 minutes but it was enough for me to feel grateful. As I gazed at the beautiful sight, I could feel my winter blues replaced by a sense of joyful energy.

14 Comments on “A Break In The Clouds

    • Thanks David. I thought the garage light was a problem at first and was going to use photoshop to get rid of it. Then I saw the image on screen and realized the light works well with the overall scene.

  1. Great shot. I saw the very end of that sunset but couldn’t get to a good place in time. 😦 Glad someone got a shot of it.

    • I didn’t see the sunset until I noticed the pinkish color on my office walls. At first I thought about driving down to the ferry terminal but realized it was still very windy outside, so I took this shot from the second floor bedroom window.

  2. What a fantastic photo! I love the color, the contrasting tree branches and the glow from the building in the corner. I could gaze at this forever!

    • Thanks Sasi. At first, I only wanted the colors of the sky but since the tree was in front of the window; I decided to work with it. And then that leads to the light…

  3. I have seen one such sunset and ran and took a picture of it, also. What makes this extra special is the light in the lower left at a ready to light your way as the sun waves its final good-bye for today. Neat contrast of nature to something man-made, Emily!

    • Glad you noticed the light. At first I tried to avoid the garage light, thinking it would fight with the sunset for attention but after the first shot, I thought the contrast was interesting and gives the scene a warm glow. Thanks for stopping by Leslie. 🙂

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