Out And About

After weeks of rainy weather, we finally got a break yesterday — what a gorgeous sunny day. We took advantage of it and went on a road trip with our restless furry kids. Without a specific destination in mind, we decided to take the Interstate 90 — also known as the Snoqualmie Pass in Washington State. It’s a very beautiful scenic drive that cuts through the Cascade Mountains. The Interstate 90 eventually ends somewhere in the State of Massachusetts.

After about 45 minutes drive, we ended up at Snoqualmie Pass Summit Ski Lodge.

The furry kids went nuts over the snow, especially Evie. It was fun watching her hop around like a snow bunny in the deep snow.

She had so much fun that when it was time to go; she refused to get in the car and had to be carried. Hmm… sure reminds me of when my boys were little kids.


10 Comments on “Out And About

  1. Thank-you for answering my questions about Ms Evie, Emily. I have two maltese who love the snow, also! Her expressions in these photos are much like them. Yay for MS Evie!

    • Thanks Jolene. Yes… Evie is an amazing pup. Her eyes can melt any heart. And her unconditional love is priceless. I try to remember that when I find my chewed up shoes, little pieces of paper towels all over the floor, dirty paw prints on the carpet etc… 🙂

  2. Great shots. Looks like a fun trip. I did the same thing on Sunday – headed out with my camera and ended up at Northern State Hospital park in Sedro-Wooley. Good place to explore and take photos.

    • Sedro Wooley isn’t much of a town to see but the North Cascade Hwy 20 that runs through there is another beautiful scenic route to take. Actually we were going to go that route Sunday but decided it was too far.

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