Keep Your Heart Merry with Chocolate

Nothing warms the heart and soul like a good cup of hot chocolate with a towering heap of whipped cream. 😀

Very Merry Hot Chocolate

Make 3 Cups
1 Cup Powder Milk
1/2 Cup Chocolate Chips
3 Cups Boiling Hot Water

In a heat resistant bowl — combine powder milk and chocolate chips. Carefully, stir in hot water and whisk until powder milk and chocolate chips are completely dissolved. Pour hot chocolate in a mug and topped with whipped cream. Enjoy!


8 Comments on “Keep Your Heart Merry with Chocolate

  1. Awww… Emily, did you have to do this to me, at bedtime? I mean, it’s really not fair to present someone with a gorgeous photo of a gorgeous cup of choccy and whipped cream.

    Crave… crave…

    (BUT… I have chocolate soap. I suppose one day I should get a photo of it… but somehow it just doesn’t look as appetising (and would taste very soapy!)

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