The Legal Drug

Ahh… coffee… the legal drug that many people can’t function without it. I live in the coffee capital of the world. There is a drive through espresso stand on practically every street corner. And there are even drive through espresso stands that come with almost nude barista to serve those requiring additional excitement. Okay, the rainy weather must really be getting to me big time; this is the best photo and story I can come up with today.


9 Comments on “The Legal Drug

  1. Nice DOF on this shot. I can just smell the coffee beans!

    Living in the Pacific NW has spoiled me. When I go home to Minnesota there are no coffee stands. I actually have to….get out of my car to get my coffee!

    • Lol… I discovered the same thing about coffee stands or lack of them when I visited my sister in Rhode Island a few years ago. Guess, I just took it for granted that Starbucks and espresso stands would be everywhere like we have here.

  2. Love how the DOF works here. Do you live in the Pacific Northwest? I’d be more jealous about all of the microbreweries for BEER than coffee – I’d love to visit that part of the country sometime.

    • Thanks Joshua. Yes, I live in Seattle area. We do have quite a few microbreweries around here. Although, I’ve been told that Portland, Oregon actually has the best breweries. But… since I don’t drink beer, I’m not sure if that’s true or not. 😉 Other than too much rain, the Pacific Northwest is a beautiful place to visit. And if you love the outdoors, this is definitely the place to be.

  3. I’m not much of a coffee drinker but, this is one of those photos that I look at and think, huh, why have I never thought of that. Well done.

    • One good thing about being stuck inside because of the rainy weather… it makes you get more creative (or desperate) about finding things to photograph. 🙂

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