Food Portraits

While I enjoy photographing various subjects, food seems to bring me the most joy. I don’t find myself struggling with it like I do with some subjects, such as sports and landscapes. Through this blog, I’ve discovered my most favorite subject to photograph is food — I love styling, cooking and creating recipes. I’ve decided to go with my passion and is working on building a food photography portfolio. While I will continue to show other subjects, you will be seeing more food related photos and stories on my blog.

Here are a few food portraits.

Fragrant Pears  (Taste like Asian pears, crunchy, juicy with a hint of sweetness.)


Fresh Mint

As I was taking the portraits, a new recipe came to mind: Pomegranate & Asian Pear Salad w/Honey Mint Dressing. It turned out really good — light and refreshing. I will share the recipe and step-by-step photos for tomorrow’s post.

7 Comments on “Food Portraits

  1. I do love food portraits or food shots to generalize…and I have always been wanting to improve my composition and table set up for food shots.

    These food portraits are just wonderful .

    If I were to pick one, last one is my favorite. Lovely contrast and I like the use of natural lighting.

    • Thanks Sasi for the pat on the back. I feel the same way and realized that if I want to improve than I need to focus more on it. Actually, I am learning to use the natural light better from your photos. You have a great way of capturing light. 🙂

    • I used natural light @ 1/25s. I find that using natural light at a longer exposure creates nicer tones than the strobe.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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