Me, Myself, and I…

Another year, another birthday for me to reflect on my life — as if I don’t do enough of that throughout the year. 😉 Birthdays for me is more like taking a yearly inventory of myself: the new gray hair sprouting from my head; or seeing new laugh lines that I don’t find funny.

And of course the review of my accomplishments or lack thereof — like a video player: Play, rewind, fast-forward, stop… and SKIP.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. For most people who celebrates the tradition; it is a day that everyone has a free pass to over indulge on turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce etc… and be Thankful. So… what are you thankful for? I am thankful my birthday is a day before Thanksgiving — because instead of one day free pass to over indulge — I get two days. Yes! 😀

Okay… seriously, I am very thankful my boys are growing into fine young men. And that life is good even at times when it seems impossible.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! And eat like there is no tomorrow…  🙂


7 Comments on “Me, Myself, and I…

  1. Nice to put a face to the name, I wish you a very happy birthday and Thanksgiving! On a side note, I too, do not particularly enjoy taking self portraits (wouldn’t want to break the glass ya know)!

  2. Happy birthday Emily! Have a nice day. Nice photos – would be nice to see more of of your self portraits.

    • Thanks Val. It was fun shooting a self-portrait. Usually, I don’t like to take photos of myself but thought I should at least capture today. I’m sure I will look back on it with fondness when I am 80. 😉

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