Global Warming… Burr…

In the 20 years of living in the Pacific Northwest, this has to be the earliest snow fall I can remember. I sure hope this isn’t the sign of a snowy winter ahead…


14 Comments on “Global Warming… Burr…

  1. snow buds – Max doesn’t look too thrilled, but perhaps that’s because mom wanted to take his picture instead of letting him romp 🙂 …
    our goldens LOVE the snow

    • Lol… how did you know? Yup, he wasn’t too thrilled being told to sit still…
      but you know goldens — they love to please. 🙂

  2. Oh what sad faces!!

    Love this pic. Poor doggies, will they get used to the cold?

    • Fortunately Max has the right kind of fur for this type of weather but poor Evie… we had to buy her a coat. Yikes! Talk about sticker shock. Her coat cost more than my jacket!

  3. Not much of a dog person myself but, I love the look on the taller dog’s (Max?) face! It’s a great shot for sure. Now, if I could only get my two cats to sit like that (hahahaha, yeaaaa)!

    • Lol… it just looks easy. 😉 Actually, Max is very well trained; he will sit for as long as I tell him to. Evie was a little bit of a challenge.

    • No… they were not very excited. Max, the golden knows bad weather = limited walks and play outside. That explains his sad puppy face. This is Evie’s first snow, so she was confused by the snow. Although, she did like eating it.

  4. Great shot. Beautiful dogs. And I do think it’s a sign of a cold, wet winter on the way. La Nina is saying hello.

    • I have a feeling you are probably right about the cold, wet winter. We didn’t have much of a summer, and a couple of weeks ago; the temperature was around 68 degrees — now the earliest snow fall in 25 years…
      For sure Mother Nature is up to something… 😉

      Thanks for stopping by… 🙂

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