Celebrating 100

As I looked back on all the photos I’ve taken since starting this blog; I have to admit… it’s an immense feeling of accomplishment for me. I didn’t really know where this blog would take me or what I would accomplish by posting my images and thoughts for the world to see. Now six months and 100 posts later — one thing I do know is that without the motivation and commitment of this blog; I wouldn’t have taken so many photos and in the process gained some profound insights about who I am and my view on life. Thank you to all who have support the unfolding of my blog and leaving encouraging comments. The comments are a definite motivational source. I guess it’s like having someone patting you on the back… telling you a job well done. And even if it isn’t your best; it feels good to know your effort is appreciated. I’m sure many of you bloggers out there can identify with what I am talking about when I say — blogging is a life changing experience in more ways than one.

So what have you learned from your blog? For me, it was learning to Shoot for the Moon even if it seems so far away…

Because you never know what tomorrow will bring… but know that it’s
Another Day, Another Opportunity

To see things from a different perspective…  and be amazed by The World of Tiny Details

and Living In The Moment because the joy and laughter you can have by not dwelling on the past…

Even though at times when I feel like a Photographer in Distress

Uncertain that Shooting Ducks is my best…

Yet I feel blessed… to have the choice of Marching to a Different Drummer beat; knowing I’ve never been much of a sheep.

 The blog lets me shoot whatever I think is cool. Although, I realized I’m Stuck On Food. And it’s a passion I would like to pursue.

7 Comments on “Celebrating 100

  1. I love those macro shots. I haven’t had the patience for them and might be needing a better lens, but macro shots have always interested me.

    • Thanks Joshua for the comment. Yes, I agree… patience is a must. However, the macro fly photo was taken with a screw on filter on a 18mm-55mm lens. The filter set was only $12. It’s not the best way but works for what I am doing. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I must come back when I’ve a bit more energy and look at these some more – and the links you’ve given. For now – all I can say is – Fabulous! Well done, Emily!
    I’m still learning things from my blog, but the main one is I’m glad I started it so that I can get to know and ‘talk’ with some great people, yourself included.

  3. I know exactly how you feel and, like David, I kept smiling as I went through the post. Great post, well done for making it this far and, a great collection of photographs. 🙂

  4. Congrats on your 100th day!
    It’s a very good felling, isn’t it? And it is always nice to go back and see what you have shot and blogged on any given day.

    You have some nice pictures there.

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