Dragon Slayer

As a cook and a food lover, I enjoy discovering new ingredients and cooking techniques. Yesterday, I bought a strange-looking fruit with an equally unique name: Dragon Fruit. I first saw this fruit on the Food Network  show CHOPPED. I really enjoy the series and sometimes I like to cook as if I am a contestant on the show. I’m not sure what I am going to make with it yet, but thought it would at least make interesting photos.  🙂


10 Comments on “Dragon Slayer

  1. The photos make it look very yummy! I called my husband in to look at it and he said we’ve had this, but I can’t remember eating any. Very decorate fruit, lovely shots of it.

  2. What a very interesting and colourful fruit! Cait and I love watching that show, we often discuss who we think will be chopped and why! Gotta love the Food Network eh? 😀

    • I like to watch a few of the Food Network shows; mainly the competitive type shows. Chopped, Next Iron Chef, Next Food Network Star etc. It’s interesting that I learn more about cooking from these shows than the show and tell type. Guess I enjoy the suspense and surprise — sometimes the chef that I think should get chopped first ends up being the winner.

      Thanks for stopping by David. 😀

    • It tasted like… chicken. 😉 Just kidding… actually, it’s more like a combination of a kiwi and asian pear with a hint of sweetness. It’s not very flavorful but has an interesting soft texture. Although, at $3.00 a pound, I don’t think I will make this my daily fruit consumption.

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