Unsaturated Mood

Today’s Daily Shoot assignment: Make a photo with a subject low in color saturation. Bonus points for not using a software slider!

After searching in vain around the house for a low saturated subject to photograph, I decided on the tree in front of my house.  Of course, the color of the leaves were very saturated. Since the bonus was to not use software manipulation, I thought it would be a good opportunity to experiment with my camera settings. I experimented with the aperture and exposure time to make it look less colorful. Not exactly an impressive image… but I did learn more on using aperture and exposure time on manual mode.  🙂

Make a great weekend everyone!

Settings used for this image:
Nikkor 50mm f 1/8D
50mm – ISO 200
2s – f/8


6 Comments on “Unsaturated Mood

  1. Those leaves are lovely, Emily. Being so pale, they look almost ethereal. Good shot!

  2. I like the POV on this shot. So true, as a photog we tend to look for subject/composition with strong contrast/saturation and I would have had trouble with the assignment as well.

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