You Are What You Eat

I know this isn’t exactly photography but I thought it would be appropriate for the bad eggs outbreak situation. This is an illustration I did for an assignment based on an article in a magazine about genetically altered food. Great article! It was a real eye opener. The way the scientists are experimenting with our foods, you really can’t be 100 percent certain that the foods we eat are what it should be. After I read the article on how they experimented by combining chicken genes with potatoes; the image of these hens in the hen house laying potato eggs came to mind. Hum, very convenient: Scrambled eggs and hash browns all in one.  😉 It’s no wonder why more people are getting cancers, diseases and other illnesses these days. My mom always said, “You are what you eat… ”  So true…


12 Comments on “You Are What You Eat

  1. Love your illustration!

    If I am what I eat… at present I must be half-human, half rice cake!

    It’s very worrying, the gm thing. I have a lot of food intolerances and one very bad food allergy. If they ever cross shellfish with rye, I’m done for!

    • Thanks Val. I like to use color pencils for my illustrations. I find it very therapeutic when I illustrate using the real pencils than when I use the computer’s simulated color pencils. It’s hard to draw when I can’t look down…

      Yup, the way they experiment with our foods, you just never know what’s in it. I knew a girl who died from eating chili because she didn’t know it had peanut butter as an ingredient. Who would ever think of peanut butter in chili. So sad… 😦

      • If you’ve never tried them, get yourself some watercolour pencils – they’ve been faves of mine for years. They can be used like normal coloured pencils and then, if wanted, can be wetted for a wash or other effects. They’re really easy to use!

        Peanut butter in Chili? And food companies label some foods with a list of allergens not realising any food can be an allergen, it depends on the person’s immune system, not on it being a common allergen. It drives me mad. But thankfully it’s not killed me. I’m sorry about your friend.

      • Actually, I do have watercolor pencils. I am an art supply addict. 😉 I remember my Ex-husband asked me why do I need so many different kinds of pencils. I asked him “why do you need so many different drill bits?” 😉

    • It’s unfortunate, but I have the feeling that as the population grows so will the genetically modified food. Just look at the California strawberries… looks great but tasteless.

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