Egg Horrific

When there was a massive recall on spinach, I wasn’t too concerned about it. While it was terrible that people got sick, spinach is not a common ingredient used to make food products. However, when over 300 million eggs are recalled for salmonella contamination; this is definitely news to be concern about.  Don’t get me wrong; I’m not one of those people who believe everything I read. Actually, I’m more of a rebel and I know how our news media have the tendency to sensationalize trivial news. Just look at the paranoia they’ve created regarding the N1H1 flu. We haven’t heard anything else about it since; certainly not because the flu virus have disappeared. Not that the deaths were trivial, but the news media certainly have made it a lot more serious than what yearly normal rate of deaths occurred from flues. Anyway the recalling of the eggs got me thinking about the usage in food products available to us. I mean, it’s one thing to choose not to eat eggs directly; but what about indirectly? It is mind boggling when you think about how connected our food sources are to each other… the economic impact of this outbreak affects more than just the egg farmers.

Unfortunately, I felt sick last week after eating the eggs I had in the fridge. I was sick before I even heard about the egg recall. So I know it wasn’t my own imagination. Although, I couldn’t be 100% certain it was the eggs that made me sick; nevertheless, the sickness experience kind of put a damper on my taste buds for eggs.

I had wanted to bake something for my post today and seem like all the things I like to make have eggs in it. But then it got my mind thinking about what to do with the “bad” eggs that are still in my fridge. (Hey, I was waiting to throw them out on garbage day.)

So…  this image came to my mind. I wanted to show the impact of not being able to use eggs would be like in cooking… life. In the mean time, I’m going to buy eggs from local farmers instead.


9 Comments on “Egg Horrific

  1. Haha, I love that picture, but bad luck about the egg poisning! I know that media do make a big deal about nothing a lot of the time but I think with swine flu (as it was called here) it was only people who where already ill, like diabetes and cancer patients died (from what I heard) so, I guess that is a big worry for some people but it never turned out to be as disastrous as first made out I know!

  2. Love the photo – aww, poor little egglings!

    Many years ago (in the 80’s or 90’s) there was a similar news story here in the UK, and I got so alarmed that I stopped eating eggs entirely. Then one day, after about a year or two I thought I’d try one. Didn’t do me any harm, so I went back to eating eggs. However, I’ve not had a raw egg or knowingly had anything made with raw egg since, and nearly all the products that used to be made with raw egg now use pasturised egg. The daft thing is I had food poisoning twice from eggs (hard boiled!) but at least a decade or two before all this fuss started about them!

    • So sorry to hear about your food poisoning from eggs. This is the first time I can recall getting sick from eating eggs. It is so scary when you think about how connected our food sources are to each other. It’s hard to know what is safe to eat anymore. Seems like problems like this will only get more frequent as the world population grows.

      • People will always get sick from things (probably). What drives me crazy is the ‘use by’ dates – I mean, how do people know that, for instance a particular cheese will only last two days and yet a similar one can be fine for months?

        The old way of finding a bad egg was to put it (raw and still in its shell) into a bowl of cold water and if it floated, it was bad. Don’t suppose salmonella would show up that way though!

      • I use my eyes and nose to determine if the product is still good. Even if it is still within its “USED BY” date. When in doubt, I just throw it out. Thanks for the bad egg test tip. 🙂

  3. Perfect shot to depict eggs being recalled. Nice creativity on the shot and I like the inclusion of baking books in this composition – goes perfectly with the sad face.

  4. I love this photo, it’s brilliant in terms of your concept and delivery. It’s great to see a photo which is genuinely amusing but has a great background story (which was nicely told). That sad face has clearly been lovingly applied to Mr. Egg. Awesome 🙂

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