The Addicted Photographer

My pursuit for a perfect shot of the bee started because I felt the need to have a nice bee pollinating flower photo for my portfolio; though more likely than not, to satisfy my photographer ego. It seems like everyone else had an amazing bee photo of some kind on their photography blog.  😉 Like a kid not wanting to feel left out; I wanted one too… until I got stung. My painful encounter with the bumble bee a couple of weeks ago, taught me a great lesson; be respectful of ALL types of bee, don’t try to be like anyone else and never to photograph bees wearing shorts. I’ve also retired from shooting bees. However, when I saw today’s Daily Shoot assignment; my retirement went out the window.  What can I say, I am a photography addict. 😀  Have a great weekend!  And thanks for reading.

(click here to read the bee sting post, The Painful Lesson with Happy Ending.)


6 Comments on “The Addicted Photographer

  1. Great photo! I went out shooting macro bees this weekend as well. 😀 Put some up on my blog today. Well done.

  2. Very nice shot! I’m jealous of your macro lenses.
    Just keep the baking soda handy. 🙂

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