Being Americanized

Although I am not a patriotic type of person and try to stayout of politics, I’ve always find the American flag very beatiful. I saw this flag last week and for some reason it reminded me the arguments I had many years ago with my dad about being an American.

Growing up, when I used to disagreed with my dad, he would get so mad and tell me “You are becoming so Americanized.”  He made it sound like it was such a terrible thing to be. Finally, one day after he told me I was acting like an American, I couldn’t help but responded; “Well,  if you didn’t want me to act like an American then why did you move us here in the first place?” He gave me a strange look and never again said the statement “Americanized” to me.


5 Comments on “Being Americanized

  1. I did not grow up in America, though my father is American. When I moved her permanently, I was in my 20s. Since then, the flag and what this country stands for has become a fundamental part of who I am. It is a beautiful flag and you have two lovely photos.

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