Taking a Time Out

WOOF! I know I was naughty for chewing the printer cable in half; okay, maybe chewing the carpet around the fireplace wasn’t such a good idea… and maybe I shouldn’t eat the plants, chase the cat, pee on the floor… but just know there is light at the end of the tunnel and I will grow out of this stage. Remember… the veterinarian did say you two are very lucky because I am one of those pups who will grow up to be eternally cute!


7 Comments on “Taking a Time Out

    • Actually, I have to force myself to get mad because she’s so darn cute when she gives me the “Who me? I’m innocent” look.I almost forget to punish her; no chew, no bite and just no.

  1. Ah I know what you mean – you just have to be quick on the autofocus and get them when they hesitate… little puppies can be so active too!

    Helps that I have a D300 and 70-200 – they focus together so quickly it isn’t even funny! Just take lots of photos – you can’t get a bad one with a puppy that cute!

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