Viking Day – A Nordic Heritage Experience

One of the wonderful things about summer are all the different outdoor events and festivals. I spent the weekend being the official photographer for the Nordic Heritage Museum’s Viking Days event. What an interesting and educational experience… the people, the food and the culture discovery of the Nordic way of life. There were people dressed in authentic costumes and weaponry demonstrating traditional crafts, and perform reenactments of Viking life. I really enjoyed the traditional folk music, unique entertainment, and of course the cuisine from each of the five Nordic countries, such as Finnish sima, Icelandic vinarterta, Norwegian lefse, and Swedish meatballs. They were all very tasty, although my favorite is the dessert called  Danish aebleskiver. It’s a traditional Danish pancake but in a ball shape; they’re cooked in a specially made pan with 7 round holes. It was fascinating to watch the volunteers make them; they use only a skewer to turn and cook it. It’s always fun and exciting to attend these type of events; although, I’ve learned how little I know about the Nordic heritage. I know I will be going back to the museum to learn more…


4 Comments on “Viking Day – A Nordic Heritage Experience

  1. Love these shots Emily. They are colorful and love the details.

    On your note on Danish aebleskiver, south Indians have similar food item (much of a breakfast) and I shot this for my 365 project titled Sweet Paniyaram

    It’s cooked pretty much the same way you’ve described, but it’s made of rice flour and sweetened with palm sugar.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. We have something similar in MD, the Renaissance Festival. Costumes, food, jousting. We went for the first tiem last year. This year we mat even get our daughter a costume. Nicce job.

  3. I love going to festivals like these. The people are as colorful as their crafts! Great shots….they make me want to look the dates on our next Renaissance Faire. 🙂

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