Very Berry Experiment

Cooking is so much fun, especially when the recipe turns out great. I had so much fun making the Very Berry Crepes yesterday. I’ve decided to experiment and bake something with the leftover berries. I had wanted to bake a pie but since there weren’t enough berries, I ended up making tarts instead. Normally, I would use a ready-made crust but since I didn’t have any on hand, I came up with the idea of making a lemon pepper crust. Black pepper in the pie crust?!! Hey, isn’t that what experiments are all about? :) When I cook, I normally don’t use measuring utensils. I am one of those types who just eye balls very thing and most of the time fairly accurate. So, I will not be able to post the Very Berry Tarts with Lemon Pepper Crust recipe today.

Overall, I thought the experiment was a success; the lemon black pepper crust is really interesting. It gives the berries a very nice added flavor. Although, the tarts tasted really good, I wasn’t happy with the photography session. In food photography, the cooking time for the dish is usually shorter so the ingredients still look good. Since the tarts were to be our desert, I had to bake it longer and the berries got over cooked. I’ll have to remake the recipe for food photography next time… and will include the recipe.

Make a Great Day! And have a fantastic weekend everyone. :)


8 Comments on “Very Berry Experiment

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  2. The reflection of the berries in the strainer make it look like twice as many berries. Coincidently, blueberries are my favorite summer fruit. 🙂

    • I had another look at your blog and I take a deep breath at each picture. Whoa, the berries! I looove berries. I think, berries are one of the sexiest things on earth. = D
      Great work. Wish I could eat your crepes off the pic.

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