Shooting Ducks

Trust is very important in any relationship… human or not…

I’ve tried to shoot these ducks living in the golf course pond – with my camera of course. Yet… every time when I come near they would swim away. I tried sneaking around to get close; of course they could sense what I was up to and would swim to the far end of the pond or fly off. Finally, after a week of chasing… and getting mostly blurry images, I decided to respect their boundaries and left them alone.

Yesterday, I tried shooting the ducks again and was surprised they didn’t swim away this time. Instead, they started to swim towards me. At first I thought maybe they think I was going to give them bread; which I didn’t have any. However, after a few minutes, they continued to play in front of me. It was as if they were giving me a free show to take all the pictures I want. It occurred to me that perhaps after a couple of months of seeing me hanging out in the bushes… and respecting their territory; I have finally earned their trust…


5 Comments on “Shooting Ducks

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  2. The ducks now know that you are their friend…yes, they trust you 🙂
    Besides, maybe they too are vain… 🙂 and HAVE to display their beauty !!!! You seemed perfect to them…
    Loved the shots… they are brilliant and life-like!!! Very beautiful…

    • Thanks! I know it’s difficult to explain. But that’s what so great about photography… you just never know what you might get sometimes.

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