Photographer in Distress

As I was walking the dogs by the golf course pond this morning, I saw a flock of birds dancing and singing on top of the trees and bushes. I’ve wanted to take some pictures of these colorful birds. Quickly, I went home to get my camera. My dog Max, gave me the “You cheated me out of my walk” look… as I ran out the door.

Wouldn’t you know… when I got to the pond, not a single bird insight… not even a tweet. Well… being the patient photographer, I waited in the bushes hoping they would think I had left. After about 30 minutes, I came to the conclusion that they were not as dumb as I had hoped. Though, while I was waiting in the bushes, I noticed there were dragonflies flying and hovering around. I tried to take some shots but discovered it was as difficult to get a shot of these dragonflies as I did with the birds. Finally, just as I was ready to give up… when this little dragonfly took pity on me and did a nice pose.

Wow! I didn’t know… I just google for info. on dragonflies. Did you know they have been around for more than 325 million years?? Talk about survival of the fittest…

Dragonflies can fly forward at about 100 body-lengths per second, and backwards at about 3 body-lengths per second. They are also capable of hovering in the air for about a minute.  The wings of male dragoinflies are relatively longer and narrower than females in large species. Adult wingspans measure from 17 millimeters to 20 centimeters.


15 Comments on “Photographer in Distress

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  2. Nice shot Judy, although I must admit that I had a nice chuckle at the image of you lurking in the bushes waiting to pounce on the next unsuspecting bird that came by.

    • Thanks Wesley for the compliment, though I’m sure you meant if for Emily?? lol… must be the extreme heat.

  3. Hello Emily! I visited your blog today – a nice experience. These shots of dragonflies are so fine – specially that first one! Another highlight is the Hydrangea – great;-) See you again!

  4. So pretty! I had no idea that dragonflies had wings with patterns on them! Off to Google and read more about them….


    • Thanks Deborah! I didn’t know either. The ones I’ve seen have always had clear wings like the second image. I guess I was in the right place at the right time…

    • Yes, they are… and now that I know they have been around since before the dinosaurs, they are even more amazing…

    • Thanks! Max is a very smart golden retriever… he likes his routines and doesn’t like it when I break it.

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