Survival of the Fittest

This is one very crazy summer weather we are having. It was 58 degrees on 4th of July and 63 degrees today. While we are chilling on the West; the East is baking in 100+ degrees heat. Wondering what else Mother Nature have in store for us…

Normally, the hydrangea bush should be in full bloom by now. However, I was happy to see this single bloom didn’t let the cold stop its beauty. 


4 Comments on “Survival of the Fittest

  1. Hydrangea is a beauty, isn’t it. My wife loves these blooms and ours are in full bloom now – luckily it decided to bloom this year.

    Nice color amidst the buds.

    • Hydrangea is one of my most favorit flowers. The flowers can change from blue to pinkish purple depending on the ph in the soil. Too bad, the dark blue on this flower doesn’t stay.

      Oh well… at least we have flowers this year. Last year, the gardener trimmed them back too much and we did not have a single bud on the whole bush.

  2. pretty photo! I hope you get some sunshine soon! so strange that our weather would be similar in different hemispheres…

    • Thanks! I know, the weather has been really unpredictable this year. We had temps. up in the 70’s in early spring and then rain… and more rain… well… at least it was nice and sunny today.

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