Another Day, Another Opportunity…

There is something very tranquil about watching a sunset over the water. It calms my soul and reminds me to appreciate my life for what it is. Here is a great poem from a foreign film I watched several years ago. I have it on my desk to remind me how to live in the moment. Although, I have to admit; if how to were easy to do, we would all be rich, happy and skinny.

Speak no more of what happened yesterday.
Don’t worry about what happens tomorrow.
Do not rely on the future or the past.
Seize the moment, do not waste time…

                                    – Anonymous


12 Comments on “Another Day, Another Opportunity…

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  2. That’s a nice poem and nice shot of sunset over the beach.

    I need to go to beach – too bad we live in the mid-west and I need a vacation 😉

    • Maybe you can revisit the west coast on your next vacation…

      I’ve seen some really amazing sunsets from Alaska to California; the smog in San Diego makes really beautiful and intense sunset colors.

      By the way, how do you insert the smiley on your comments?

  3. We do appear to be thinking alone the same lines today…what is it that they say about great minds. 😉

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