Saving the Best For Last

The week just flew by… it’s Friday already. Unlike last week’s creative struggle, I found a lot of inspiration for my work this week. It is such a joy to get my creative groove back…

For this week’s blog, I’ve posted images from my little tourist trip to the Pike Place Market. It was a good experience pretending to be a tourist. I learn to see things from a different perspective and rediscovered things I’ve taken for granted.

During my walk about,  I’ve discovered some really interesting art galleries, shops, and restaurants; one of the place is a great little pizza joint located in an alley way.

If you like New York style pizza, you are going to love Post Alley Pizza. There are certain components that makes a pizza great and in my opinion, the most important parts of a pizza is the crust and the sauce. The slice of vegetarian with pesto sauce I had were perfect. The crust was thin, crispy and chewy, covered with just the right amount of sauce. The vegetables were fresh and most of all, the pizza wasn’t greasy.

They also have many specialty pizzas and one of their signature dish is the Coney Island Pizza; available only on Wednesdays and Fridays. Pam, the owner told me the pizza is made with chili sauce; like what they put on the Coney Island chili dog. Chili pizza… never heard of it, though it sounds interesting. I told her I’ll be back to try it.

If you live in Seattle or a tourist, this is definitely a place to visit. They are located on 1123 Post Ave. Seattle, WA 98101. Click here for map 
Phone: (206) 382-8475

My lunch, vegetarian with pesto sauce.

Here is Doug, the pizza chef…

Pam, owner/operator.


One Comment on “Saving the Best For Last

  1. Those pizza(s) looks delicious. I bet they tasted good too. I like little Mom & Pop restaurants way better than chain restaurants – although we don’t eat our much 😉

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