The Joker With the Aluminum Bass

Walking around the famous Seattle’s Pike Place Market pretending to be a tourist, I saw this guy standing in front of the original Starbucks coffee shop with a big aluminium bass. I’ve never seen an aluminium bass before and was very intrigued by it.  As I looked through my viewfinder and composed the shot, when suddenly I heard “Hey you!”  He shouted at me… “Your lens cap is on”. Instinctively, I looked at my camera and of course the cap was off… duh! Feeling stupid, I quickly recomposed the frame. “Ha! Ha! I got you,” he pointed at me as I took the shot. I gave him a smile and shouted, “thank you…”

I’m sure I wasn’t the first or the last to fall for this joke… hopefully…

2 Comments on “The Joker With the Aluminum Bass

  1. Ha…you got tricked. Well it could happen to anyone…so you don’t have to feel bad. Thanks for sharing.

    That Al bass is real shiny 😉

    May be next time you have to shoot a flying fish at the Pike place.

    • Talk about tourist trap… I tried to shoot the flying fish but there were just too many tourist in the way… I can’t believe they are still throwing after all these years.

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