Whew! What a week I had. As you probably noticed from my posts, I was struggling to find inspiration and staying on task. I wanted to blame it on the rainy weather but realized it was a different kind of rain I was experiencing. The kind of rain that most people have experienced at one time or another; for some, more often than not. I called this the self-doubt… the fear of failure kind of rain. Am I just wasting my time? Maybe I should just go get a regular job… blah… blah… blah… I hear the usual self sabotaging excuses on why I shouldn’t continue with what I am doing. As always after some soul search, I chose to work through it… fears and all, because I know this time will pass and the sun will shine through again. As I listened to Barry Manilow sing “I made it through the rain…” Yes, I do like to listen to some of his songs.  Hmm… I never understand why so many people seem to dislike his music so much. When ever I mentioned his name, I get negative remarks about him. I guess he is just one of those misunderstood, under appreciated artists… you know like Van Gogh. No one appreciated his work until after his death.

Anyway, I saw these wine at Trader Joe’s yesterday… thought it would be a good way to end my work week. Have a fantastic weekend everyone…

2009 Project Happiness Chardonnay

2007 Project Happiness Syrah



4 Comments on “TGIF

    • I feel the same way about the smiley face. That’s what made me buy the wine even though I don’t drink wine.

      Thanks Sasi…

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