Creative Block

As an artist, there have been days that nothing seems to inspire me. I guess today is one of those days…

When I looked through the camera at the bowl of cherries, the only inspiration that came to me were to eat them. I thought about taking a sick day but decided to work through it instead. It was a struggle but at least I kept my commitment.

Life is a bowl of cherries… if you learn to avoid the pits.


7 Comments on “Creative Block

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  2. Wow……this is a great shot Emily. Is it sitting on a mirror or is this photoshop? Lol…….is this what happens when you’re uninspired?

    • Thanks Sasi. I knew I would find a use for that bowl eventually.

      Yes… life is more like a box of chocolates; you never know what you are going to get. I certainly have got my share of the pits.

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