The Artist in Me… Photoshop Illustration

Last week I wrote about the joy of using Photoshop on photo retouch. Today, I would like to share other techniques I use Photoshop for.

Adobe Photoshop has come a long way since the first time I used it years ago. Those were the days when Photoshop was before its time and the computer were not able to keep up. The Mac I was using had only 80MB hard drive. I know… dinosaur… and yet it was considered a top model at the time. I didn’t like using Photoshop very much because it would take up to 30 minutes for the screen to display the special effects I had applied. Of course, it only took a delete key stroke to get rid of the effect if I didn’t like it which was about 90% of the time. I was so glad when the computer finally caught with this amazing program. The last couple of years, I’ve been using some of the artistic effects to combine my love of photography and illustration to create something different.

These are the original untouched photos.

Here are the same photos with artisitic Photoshop effects.

These are the steps I used to achieve the results. First, I overexpose the image by +1.00 and then add Unsharpmask at 25%, three times.  I then chose the Poster Edges artistic effect. I set the thickness to 2, edge intensity to 1, and posterization to 2. I kept the settings small because I wanted to keep some of the photographic intergrity.

3 Comments on “The Artist in Me… Photoshop Illustration

  1. I haven’t used PhotoShop yet I just use Picnik on line for now because I’m still a novice. I love these photos, before and after. Your style makes me happy.:)

  2. Thanks for sharing details on photo retouch using PS.

    You are doing a wonderful job with food photography. First shot is real nice – biscotti & coffee, looks yummy.

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