Land, Sea, and Air

Lately, the weather pattern for Seattle seems to be alternating between two days of rain and one day of partly sunny. Yesterday was the sunny day… I took advantage of it and went down to the Mukilteo Farmer’s Market for inspiration and maybe some photos of flowers and veggies. While waiting for the vendors to finish setting up, I heard the loud horn of the ferry. I almost forgot the market is located next to the Mukilteo Ferry. Quickly, I ran towards the terminal… climbed over some big rocks and got there just in time to see the ferry pulling out. I was able to get some good shots… and then through the lens, I saw what looks like an airplane flying towards the ferry and me. Yes! It was a Boeing Dreamlifter. The Dreamlifter is a cargo plane and looks like a beluga whale. I’ve seen it many times in the hanger area of the Boeing facility but never seen one in the air. Just my luck… they were doing a test flight.

I guess yesterday was one of those days where you get more than you bargain for … in this case, I’m glad I got more than flowers and veggies.


4 Comments on “Land, Sea, and Air

  1. Wonderful pictures. Makes me want to visit Seattle again 😉
    Are those bouquet from Pike market? I remember getting one for my wife from Pike place while we visited there.

    • Thanks Sasi! Seattle is a very nice city to visit. The flowers are from the farmer’s market near my home. I live about 5 minutes from the Mukilteo ferry terminal. Mukilteo is about 20 miles north of Seattle. Honestly, it has been over 3 years since the last time I went to Pikes Market… tourist trap! However, I will play the tourist this weekend and hope to get some good shots for my next week’s blog.

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