The Joy of Photoshop

I remembered the old days when I had to be selective on what I choose to photograph because the film only gave me 36 chances to get it right. When I got the digital camera, it was great to have the freedom to shoot at whatever I wanted. But then I realized I also spend a great deal of time “fixing” all the mistakes the freedom gave me. I find myself using the Photoshop more than I should to correct my images.

I see so many beautiful photographs and always wondered what the original might look like. With the Adobe Photoshop and many other photo editing software available today, it’s easy to retouch and fix photos that would otherwise be discarded. However, I also realized the ease of over usage and becoming dependent on it. As I become more committed in being a “Professional” photographer, I strive to take better photographs by using only manual mode and learning more about the light, exposure, aperture etc… BACK to OLD SCHOOL.

I know there will be times that no matter how I try to get it right… the digital manipulation is still required. For example, the original waterfall photo looks too green, under exposed and has a 20 foot log in the way. It did occurred to me to push the log out of the way… however, in this case, it was safer to use Photoshop. I increased the exposure by +.25, add a violet color photo filter to brighten and decrease the green in the water. Unsharp mask filter applied twice at 25%.


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