The World of Tiny Details

Here I thought this golf course pond was nothing more than a place for miss shot golf balls and breeding ground for blood sucking mosquitos. Except now, I feel like I have discovered a gold mine.  This pond has forced me to look beyond the norm…  to seek out things that I would not have thought about or felt it would be interesting to photograph. Every time I go there, I learn to see things with a different perspective. Another life lesson from these little creatures… don’t judge a book by its cover. 

I didn’t think much of this fly until I got really up close and personal.

When I saw the details of the wings, I wanted to see more… I spent over an hour chasing and waiting for a fly to sit still.

My patience rewarded… WOW! Creepy but fascinating. I couldn’t believe the amount of details on this little guy and honestly, I never knew what a fly’s feet look like until now. The head is so alien like. It looks more like it belongs in one of those Hollywood horror movies. The movie – “THE FLY” comes to mind…


6 Comments on “The World of Tiny Details

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  2. Hello..I’m here via greysqrl’s blog. Wow. These are spectacular, especially that last one. Impressive.

  3. Lovely captures, very clean. That last shot is amazing. I see what you mean about it being a little creepy… sure is!

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