Another Date with Macro

Okay… it’s only the second date and already, I am in love. I spent another few hours this morning getting up close and personal with my new toy. This little piece of glass has opened up a completely different world for me… I am looking forward to a long-lasting relationship.

While most people think of dandelion as pesky weeds, many herbalist consider it a valuable herb with many culinary and medicinal uses. Personally, I like them for being so photogenic…


6 Comments on “Another Date with Macro

    • Thanks! You can get one for under $20 from E-Bay. The one I have is the kind you screw on the front of a wide angle (18mm-55mm) Eventually I would like to get the real thing… but… for now this works great for what I’m doing.

  1. For only your second date with the macro lens, these shots are very impressive! it’s not the easiest thing to do, but once you’re hooked, that’s it 🙂 here’s to a future of lots of macros!

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