My Date with Macro

I finally got a macro lens Friday and was looking forward to using it… but of course it rained for the next three days. Rain… rain… go away… come again some other day, I sang before going to bed last night. Well… this morning I was happy to see the song had worked. It was cloudy but no rain. Quickly, I got my gears and headed down to the golf course pond; my new-found playground. I spent the next couple of hours bending, crouching and twisting my body into interesting positions… lost in the world of tiny details. I was on my elbows and knees looking at an interesting plant when I noticed a movement… quickly I refocused and saw two black eyes staring back at me. Wow! I couldn’t believe my luck… and what a nice model this little bug was. It sat and posed for me until I was satisfied with the results.

The joy of Macro photography… this little bug is less than 1/4″ long.

2 Comments on “My Date with Macro

    • Thank you Geoff for your kind comment about my photos but mostly for your informative blog. Whate a great blog! I learn more about photography by reading your website than the lessons from my photography instructor.

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